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The fact that an ensemble with the name of 'Mozarthaus Quartet' produces its debut CD with a Mozart programme is self-evident. The selection of works seems promising against the background of at least 23 works by Mozart for this instrumentation, depending on the mode of numeration. Sandor and Adam Javorkai as well as Kazutaka Takahasi and Alexander Park begin with the String Quartet in D minor KV 421 from the series of the 'Haydn quartets'. The second work (in D major KV 575) derives from the group of the last three quartets Mozart dedicated to the King of Prussia which for this reason bear the sobriquet 'Prussian quartets'. Incomparable chamber musical wit in the compositional design fuses with joy in playing and high individual virtuosity in the artistic execution.

Mozart: String Quartets KV.421 & KV. 575

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