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Chamber music by Johannes Brahms and Edvard Grieg -'In meinen Tönen spreche ich'. The subtitle of this recording by the internationally celebrated, award-winning duo of Adam Javorkai and Clara Biermasz conveys an apposite picture of the powerful and intense sounds worlds of these two Romantics, who are only so different at first glance. Apart from using songlike folk melodies from his Norwegian homeland, Edvard Grieg's music is based on classical structure and counterpoint. These are also the ideals of Brahms, whose expressiveness is always also highly emotional and heartfelt despite all his formal austerity. With their thrilling interpretations of the Cello Sonata in E minor op. 38 by Brahms and the A minor Sonata op. 36 by Grieg, Adam Javorkai and Clara Biermasz offer us exciting and entertaining listening.

Brahms & Grieg: Cello Sonatas

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